June 13, 2022


Item 27: Consideration of the following Bids/Rebids:
a) eProcurement and Bid Management Modules - award to Tyler Technologies @ total cost of $76,738 (purchase proposed to be made in accordance with Sole Source procurement [NCGS 143-129(e) (6)]);
b) One (1) Heil DuraPack 5000 Mounted on a 2022 Freightliner (Rear Loader) – award to Carolina Environmental Systems @ total cost of $209,989 (based on bid awarded by Sourcewell Group Purchasing Program [Contract # 091219-THC-Mobile Refuse Collection Vehicles with Related Equipment, Accessories and Services);
c) 2022-2024 WWTP Grass Cutting – award contract to Hilliard’s Lawn Maintenance, Inc. @ $105,300 for two-year contract; first year = $52,650
d) Natural Gas System Annual Labor Contract (re-bid) – award contract to Parker Stockstill Construction, Inc. @ cost not to exceed $700,000 each year of 3-year contract; first year = $645,878.46; option to renew one additional year at owner’s discretion (22% MWBE participation each year); and
e) Commercial Property Demolition – award contract to EMR Services, Inc. @ cost of $128,750

Recommended Action: 1) Award Bids as Recommended;
2) Authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to Execute Bid Contracts for (c), (d), and (e) on Behalf of the City; and
3) Authorize the Purchasing Division to Issue Purchase Order and Execute
Bid Document for (a) and (b) in Accordance with the Council’s Award


Knight - Y
Blackwell - Y
Joyner - Y
Walker - Y
Daughtridge - Y
Bullock - Y
Miller - Y