March 8, 2021

Provide Assistance to Improvements to Battle Park

Item 8 - "CONSENT AGENDA: A.Consideration of Resolution for Water Resources Development Grant to Provide Financial Assistance for Improvements to Battle Park (grant application [$199,873] and submission previously approved)
B. Consideration of the Following FY 2020-2021 Ordinances:
• Project Ordinance:
1) Appropriating Funds in the Public Safety Fund for FY 2020 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) (Total $35,048 - City share [60%] = $21,029; Nash County share [40%] = $14,019)
• Budget Ordinance Amendment: View
2) Appropriates funds in the General Fund for repairs to the Helen P. Gay Historic Train Station ($59,600)
C. Consideration of the following Applications for New/Renewal of Existing Taxi Rights: View
• Mable R. Page Rocky Mount Cab Company #5 Recommend Approval
• Qamarah Harris Rocky Mount Cab Company New Recommend Denial – based upon guidelines for owning a taxicab"

Recommended Action - "Approve Consent Agenda (inclusive of adoption of Resolution and Ordinances and approval/denial of Taxi Right Licenses as recommended"

Knight - Y
Blackwell - Y
Joyner - Y
Walker - Y
Daughtridge - Y
Bullock - Y
Miller - Y