August 29, 2022


Item 8: Consideration of Modification of Water Tower License Agreement with Cello Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless to make the following changes:
• remove three (3) Ericsson RRUS11 B13 RRU; three (3) Ericsson RRUS32 B4 RRU; and one (1) Line Coax
• install three (3) Ericsson AIR 6449 antenna; three (3) Ericsson 4408 RRU; three (3) Ericsson 4449 RRU; three (3) Ericsson 8843 RRU; one (1) Commscope RCMDC-6627-PF-48 OVP, and one (1) 6x12 Hybrid Cable
Note: Verizon currently pays the City an annual fee of $31,050 - 12.5% increase for each 5-year renewal period; installation will not exceed allowable limits; licensee responsible for any repairs/damages

Recommended Action: Approve Modification to Agreement and Authorize the Mayor to Execute the Same on Behalf of the City


A. Knight - Y
R. Blackwell - Y
R. Joyner - Y
T.J. Walker - Y
L. Daughtridge - Y
T. Harris - Y
J. Walker - Y