April 20, 2020

Mayor's Brief with Dr. Lee Isley - Nash UNC Hospital

Dr. Lee Isley, President and CEO of Nash UNC Health Care, updates the Mayor on the hardworking staff focused on patient care, especially on COVID-19 patients. Entrances have been limited with attendants monitoring visitors for COVID-19 symptoms to keep everyone safe. Virtual visitations are allowed for family members and patients to keep connections strong. Social distancing and staying at home have allowed area residents to stay well and keep hospital admissions lower than expectations.

Thank you to the community for their support--from hotels offering free rooms to PPE donations. Dr. Islely is grateful. The hospital continually looks at modeling and staying up to date on the latest information and is ready to continue providing care excellence to all in need. For more information, please visit www.NashUNCHealthCare.org/coronavirus.