March 28, 2022


Item 10: Consideration of the Following Housing Incentive Grant Program Agreements:
a) Ripple Effects Group - $25,000 for roof replacement/repairs for duplex unit at 443 Arrington Avenue; single-family unit at 1210 Cypress Street; and community building at 900 Forest Hill Avenue;
b) Peacemakers of Rocky Mount, Inc. - $25,000 for ownership program to assist ten (10) residents with debt relief and down payment assistance up to $2,500 per resident; and
c) Bland Premier Properties, LLC - $40,000 for rehabilitation of two (2) duplex units at 507/509 Eastern Avenue and 716/718 Pennsylvania Avenue

Recommended Action: Approve Grant Agreements and Authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to Execute Same Behalf of the City


Knight - Y
Blackwell - Y
Joyner - Y
Walker - Y
Daughtridge - Y
Bullock - Y
Miller - Y