November 14, 2022


A. Consideration of Request from the Public Works Department of an Ordinance Approving Temporary Street Closings for the Annual Christmas Parade (ordinance adoption requirement of NCDOT standards):
• The Temporary Closures are along the east side of Main Street from Marigold Street to E. Thomas Street, Thomas Street (US 64 Business West) from NE Main Street to N. Church Street and Church Street (US 301 Business) from W. Thomas Street to Bassett Street from 1:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, December 4, 2022
B. Notification to Council of Intent and Authorization to Apply for a grant from the AKC Reunite Adopt A K-9 Cop Grant (Total cost to replace a canine is approximately $10,000 - grant amount from AKC Reunite Adopt A K-9 Cop is $7,500 the remaining balance of $2,500 will be a match
funded by the City)
C. Consideration of Resolution Commemorating and Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr.’s Speech at Booker T. Washington High School Gymnasium
D. Consideration of Resolution Declaring the City’s Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures made for the Replacement of Equipment (Leaf Collection Machine, ROW Mowing Tractor, Sign Service Truck Utility Body, Backhoe, Tractor Mower, Four (4) Dump Body Crew Cabs, Point of Delivery Transformer, Substation 1 Equipment, Camera Van, Backhoe; required in connection with FY 2023 Installment Financing - $3,409,000)
E. Consideration of Water Assessment Contract with Susan Janell Lee Baker for Water Service at 851 Goldrock Road ($4,265 to be assessed)
F. Consideration of agreement with North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts for wiring at the Judicial Center (City will reimburse the cost of installation - the estimated cost is $8,613)
G. Consideration of Property Acquisition from BTW Alumni Association Relative to Downtown Drainage Project (Nash County - parcel 375925599309 - 217 S. Church St.; parcel 375925599232 - 128 Nash St.; and parcel 375925598373 - 225 S. Church St. - purchase price = $70,000)
H. Consideration of Certification by the City Clerk of the Sufficiency of the Following Annexation Petitions, Schedule Public Hearings (November 28, 2022), and Instruct Department of Development Services to Prepare Feasibility studies:
1. Annexation No. 328 – 9121 West Mount Drive – non-contiguous (Resolution Certifying Sufficiency, Resolution Scheduling Public Hearing);
2. Annexation No. 329 – 9041 and 9053 West Mount Drive (PIN 3738 0099 1544); PIN 3739 2090 8350; PIN 3739 2080 9143; PIN 3738 0090 6177 – non-contiguous (Resolution
Certifying Sufficiency, Resolution Scheduling Public Hearing)
I. Consideration of Resolution Authorizing Submission of Application for North Carolina Department of Commerce Building Reuse Program Funding for the Expansion of Project Blues Manufacturing Plant in Rocky Mount (renovation and upfit of manufacturing plant; new investment of $2,000,000; and creation of 42 new jobs
J. Consideration of Resolution Authorizing Lease Agreement with Joshua Robinson for City-Owned Property at 150 East Thomas Street in the Manhattan Building on the Douglas Block (3-year lease; annual rent = $15,492; term November 8, 2022 – October 31, 2025; lease advertised pursuant to G.S. 160A-272)
K. Consideration of Resolution Authorizing Lease Agreement with D’ Chill Spot, LLC for City- Owned Property at 207-211 East Thomas Street (2-year lease; annual rent = $41,800; term August 1, 2022 - July 31, 2024; lease advertised pursuant to G.S. 160A-272)
L. Consideration of Ordinance Amending the Land Development Code and Map of the City of Rocky Mount
• Request by Anthony Ray Richardson to rezone ±7.84 acres at 7137 Hunter Hill Road from R-6CD to O-12
**Note - Public Hearing was held on September 12, 2022;
Joint Meeting with the Planning Board and City Council was held on October 12, 2022
M. Consideration of Canceling the Second City Council Meeting in December (falls on December 26, 2022, when City Offices are closed)

Recommended Action:


A. Knight - Y
R. Blackwell - Y
R. Joyner - Y
T.J. Walker - Y
L. Daughtridge - Y
T. Harris - N
J. Walker - Y