November 8, 2021


A. Consideration of Recommendation of Approval of Award of Duty Sidearm and Badge to Sergeant Stephen Christopher Hicks for 27 Years of Dedicated Service (retirement date
November 1, 2021);
B. Consideration of Authorization to Apply for the AKC Reunite Adopt A K-9 Cop Grant to Assist with Purchase of Police K-9 (grant funds up to $7,500 may be awarded; local match $2,500);
C. Consideration of FY 2021-2022 Budget Amendment Appropriating Funds in the General Fund for Continuing and Expanding Community Wealth Building Efforts ($25,000) and Additional Funds ($25,000) for Marketing Relative to City’s Receipt of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) 2020-2021 Culture of Health Prize (total $50,000); and
D. Consideration of Request for Authorization to Apply for North Carolina’s FEMA Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) Grant for Downtown Drainage Improvement Project (project costs $10,805,000; grant - $7,564,000; City costs - $3,241,000)

Recommended Action: Approve Consent Agenda inclusive of:
1) Approval of Award of Duty Sidearm and Badge;
2) Authorization for Staff to Submit Grant Application; and for the Mayor, City Clerk and/or Appropriate Staff to Execute Required Documentation, Including Final Application and Subsequent Grant Agreement Certifications and Assurances on Behalf of the City;
3) Adoption of Ordinance; and
4) Authorize Staff to Submit Grant Application; and Authorize the Mayor, City
Clerk, City Attorney or other Appropriate Individuals to Execute Any Required Documentation, Certifications and Subsequent Grant Agreements on Behalf of the City


Knight - Y
Blackwell - Y
Joyner - Y
Walker - Y
Daughtridge - Y
Bullock - Y
Miller - Y