December 12, 2022


Item 12: Consideration of Bid for the demolition of ten (10) houses listed below awarded to J and L Land Solutions in the amount of $66,218
4017 Gloucester Road
427 Arlington Street (The City has agreed to delay demolition until January 31, 2023)
319 Marigold Street (Brian Burnette agreed to post cash bond of $16,500 to guarantee rehabilitation is complete pursuant to repair schedule)

721 Gay Street
413 N. Pine Street
415 N. Pine Street
835 W. Thomas Street
419 NE Main Street
516 Coleman Street
327 S. Discovery St.

Recommended Action: Award Bid as Recommended


A. Knight - Y
R. Blackwell - Y
R. Joyner - Y
T.J. Walker - Y
L. Daughtridge - Y
T. Harris - Y
J. Walker - Y