November 28, 2022


A. Consideration of Tax Releases and/or Refunds:
• Schedule A – taxes under $100 approved for release and/or refund by the Interim City
Manager; and
• Schedule B – taxes over $100 recommended for release and/or refund by the City Council
B. Consideration of the following Project Ordinances/Amendments: View
Project Ordinance Amendments:
1) Urban Transit Operating - $441,893
2) Urban Transit Capital - $150,000
Project Ordinances
3) $26,250 for the 2022 Patrick Leahy Bulletproof Vest Partnership Project for the
replacement of 30 bulletproof vests (50% local match)
4) $43,917 for the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant for the purchase of community engagement software ($26,350.20 allocated to the City of Rocky Mount; $17,566.80 allocated to Nash County)
C. Consideration of Resolution of Intent to Enter into Lease Agreement with the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce Inc. for City-Owned Property at 101 Coastline Street (4,800 square ft on second floor/400 square ft on the third floor; 3-year lease; annual rent = $13,200; term January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2026)
D. Consideration of Resolution of Intent to Enter into Lease Agreement with Tar River Transit for City-Owned Property at 101 Coastline Street (5-year lease; annual rent = $21,504; term January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2028; resolution authorizes the Clerk to advertise proposed agreement pursuant to NCGS 160A-272)
E. Consideration of Resolution Authorizing Lease Agreement with Stephanie Mitchell for City- Owned Property at 152 East Thomas Street in the Manhattan Building on the Douglas Block (3- year lease; annual rent = $6,600; term November 23, 2022 – November 22, 2025; lease advertised pursuant to G.S. 160A-272)
F. Consideration of Nonprofit Funding Agreement with Mount Zion First Baptist Church for the Third Annual “Feed the City” event - $3,000 (the City has funded this request in 2020 and 2021 in the amount of $3,000)
G. Consideration of FY 2023 Installment Financing Contract with JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. for Equipment ($5,128,000 - fixed interest rate of 3.77% for a 59-month term) and Resolution Approving Proposal:
Leaf Collection Machine $68,000
Row Mowing Tractor $143,000
Front Loader $349,000
Rear Loader $212,000
(3) Side Loaders $1,158,000
Sign Service Truck Utility Body. $151,000
Backhoe $116,000
Tractor Mower $74,000
(4) Dump Body Crew Cabs $312,000
Point of Delivery Transformer $2,000,000
Substation 1 Equipment. $250,000
Camera Van $179,000
Backhoe $116,000
H. Consideration of Electric Service Agreement with Tidal Data Systems, LLC (Tidal) for Service at 50 Merchant Court (outlines terms and conditions for sale of electric power; estimated annual revenue $1.2 million)
I. Consideration of Amendment to the HVAC Service Contract with Allred Mechanical Services in the amount of $237,670.00 for replacement of unit at Senior Center Pool (includes base price of $228,560 plus an alternate in the amount of $9,110)
J. Consideration of the following Bids:
1. Purchase one (1) 2023 Ford F550 Super Cab Chassis – award to Alan Jay Fleet Sales @ a total cost of $217,574 (per Sourcewell Contract 110421-ALT – Public Utility Equipment with Related Accessories and Supplies; and
2. Purchase one (1) Articulating Telescopic Aerial Device with Handling Insulated – award to Altec Industries, Inc. @ a total cost of $244,450 (per Sourcewell Contract 091521-NAF - Automobiles, SUVs, Vans, and Light Trucks with Related equipment and Accessories)

Recommended Action: Approve Consent Agenda inclusive of:
1) Acknowledge Receipt of Report from the Interim City Manager of Schedule A Taxes Approved for Release and/or Refund;
2) Approve Release and/or Refund of Taxes Listed on Schedule B;
3) Adoption of Ordinances and Resolutions; and
4) Authorization for the Mayor, City Clerk or Interim City Manager to Execute
Any Required Documentation for the above referenced Contracts, Agreements and Leases


A. Knight - Y
R. Blackwell - Y
R. Joyner - Y
T.J. Walker - Y
L. Daughtridge - Y
T. Harris - Y
J. Walker - Y