Sandy Roberson is a native of Rocky Mount. He graduated from Rocky Mount Senior High in 1985 and left home for only four years to attend Hampden-Sydney College where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. After college, he returned to start his career in business and healthcare, as well as raise his family. Sandy is married to Jennifer Stone of Rocky Mount and has four adult children. He is a member of First Baptist Church. 


Sandy has more than 30 years of professional experience in the healthcare industry including operations in nursing facilities, therapy, pharmacy, hospice, and physician clinics. He owned and operated one of the largest hospice and healthcare provider companies in the Carolinas –Community Home Care & Hospice, and was CEO of Carrolton Management Company. He has worked with large private equity firms such as Thomas H. Lee and Goldman Sachs and enjoys relationships with other firms.Sandy is a Licensed NursingHome Administrator and is currently the majority owner of HealthView Capital Partners.Sandy was a former member of the AHHC Government Affairs Committee and was a finalist in the NEER Entrepreneur Awards. 


As a strong philanthropist, he supports many local agencies such as the Boys and Girls Club. Sandy is the President and Founder of the Community Hospice Foundation that supports core hospice services including charity care, bereavement support, education and additional resources to hospice patients, their families and the community. Combined with his personal contributions through Community Homecare and Carrolton Management, Sandy has awarded multiple annual healthcare scholarships to college students. His philanthropic contribution amounts to an excess of $3 million over the course of 20 years.


Sandy knows what it means to meet a payroll, to run a successful business and large company. He’s now ready to use his experience and background to forge a new path for Rocky Mount’s future.


Carrying Out The Campaign Platform

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A strong school system can have a profoundly positive impact on Rocky Mount. Quality education is a critical part of growing and developing a new generation of citizens for our city. As your Mayor, Sandy will partner with school administrators, local education leaders and classroom teachers to promote excellence in education in all our schools.

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Every single resident in Rocky Mount needs to feel safe and secure in their home and in their neighborhoods. As Mayor, Sandy will work together with citizens across this city to build trust between law enforcement and local residents. We need more collaboration with our citizens, law enforcement and all arms of local government to reduce violent crime and make sure our neighborhoods are safe.

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Sandy will partner with local leaders and businesses to create innovative ideas to stimulate economic growth and job creation. He will work to improve our work-force training programs in our community colleges to make sure our residents get the skills they need to succeed in today’s economy.

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A stable and growing housing market is important for Rocky Mount. Sandy is committed to partner with local leaders, government agencies and real estate firms to stimulate the housing market. He will work to expand housing options in our city ane promote real estate development for residential and commercial growth.